About Me

The last thing the world needs is another person blogging about their travels, so here is one more!

At last count, I’ve visited 114 countries* and too many cities to log.  Apart from posting a few random photos here and there, I never gave much thought to blogging about my travels until recently.  It seems like a great way to document each trip and share insights with others.  I promise not to post any beach-feet selfies or business class lounge photos.

I’m going to start posting on new trips with a few photos and noteworthy recommendations that I think are worth passing along.  As time permits, I’ll also catch up on some previously-visited destinations, with the caveat that the conditions on the ground might’ve changed (sometimes significantly) since I visited.

Mandatory Disclaimer: while I don’t plan on making any bold proclamations in this blog, the views expressed herein are solely my own. All photos were taken by me, except where I cite photo credits.