Liechtenstein is a small, beautiful European mirco state, wedged between Switzerland and Austria. I visited the capital of Vaduz in November 2016 and again in June 2020. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area!

If you’re into rare stamp collecting or flagging countries, then Liechtenstein is a must-see! Even if you don’t fall into those categories, it has great mountainous landscape with art galleries and good food– making it a unique and fun destination.

When I went in the fall, they had a winter festival set up in the center of town, complete with mulled wine stands, an ice-skating rink, shops, and cozy wooden restaurants. I spent a couple hours there, and then walked around the city, stopping into a few souvenir shops in the area. There’s also a prominent modern art museum downtown. (Btw– if you’re in need of false teeth, head to the city of Schaan — its high output makes Liechtenstein the world’s leading producer of false teeth!)

After exploring the city center, I climbed up to the Vaduz Castle, which overlooks the city. The hike up to the castle was scenic, winding through some woods and colorful foliage. The castle was impressive but was closed when I went. Apparently the royal family invites the country’s citizenry over for national day each year!

When I returned in June 2020, most of the city was deserted because of the COVID pandemic, but we came upon Ceasare restaurant (Italian), which was open and serving food outside. The area which previously hosted the winter festival now hosted a large open space with sun tents and games, such as fuzzball. Everything was well manicured and pleasant. It’s really a great place!

Looking over Liechtenstein

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