Brasserie Lamborelle – Bastogne, Belgium

Croute / Steak on a stone

On Saturday we went to Brasserie Lamborelle in Bastogne, Belgium.  It’s a cozy restaurant just off the main square.  Their house beer, “Airborne”, is served in a helmet-shaped mug — pretty cool.  They also serve flaming beer!

The food was hearty and delicious.  I had a croute, which was basically a casserole dish with a base of soft bread and then loaded with strips of ham and chunks of smoked bacon from the Ardenne region, drenched in melted cheese from the nearby Orval Abbey, and covered with a couple eggs.  They threw a tomato and pickle on top– so I guess that technically makes it a salad.  It was as amazing as it sounds — and I was full until dinner the next day.  Fatimah had a steak on a stone, which was equally delicious (and heavy!)  The meat was lean, juicy and tender, and it came with two house sauces (Andalouse and ranch).  It’s good she ordered the small portion, because it was a mini-mountain of meat.  Anyhow– I highly recommend it, but come hungry!  Reservations are also recommended.  Cheers!


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